Members are a key component of Creative Fresno. Membership means joining a network of like-minded individuals, supporting the mission of Creative Fresno, as well as accessing special members only benefits and events. We have several options for membership available:

Individual Annual

Individual Lifetime


Nonprofit Partner

Who are our members?

Our members include photographers, muralists, designers of all stripes (graphic, interior, floral, set, etc!), writers, painters, crafters, actors, illustrators, musicians…creative professionals, as well as enthusiasts who simply recognize that creative pursuits are a serious component in making a city a great place to live, work and play.


To manage your membership, please log in to Memberplanet. You can renew your membership, manage your contact information, join a Creative Fresno committee, or get the most up to date information on Creative Fresno’s internal workings, including meetings, calendars, and agendas.