Fresno Proud is a term that’s recently been coined in our fantastic city and one of the best ways to be Fresno Proud is to be a member of Creative Fresno. Our members care deeply for our community and the arts that help to define it. We work together to come up with fantastical, whimsical, and dare we say creative things that better this amazing place where we live.

We encourage and support our members to venture out and start projects. These projects do so much, they fill needs and wants that the community has. Some of these projects like F.U.S.E. created amazing spaces for music and have paved the way for many more great music festivals downtown. Other projects like Boomerang worked hard to bring talented people back to Fresno so we could all benefit from all they have to offer. Once we even had a project called Cart Hop that completely grew into its own entity and helped to create the wave of food truck meet-ups in our neck of the woods.

Not only that, but our members support us. There are many ways our members help us such as volunteering, joining committees, starting projects, and speaking our good graces. If you are a member THANK YOU. Just being a member helps more than you could imagine. We are always looking for more help and are always ready to accept new members.

Become part of our amazing team of volunteers to help make a difference in our community.