In January 2004 a small group of young professionals got together to drive the popular Creative Cities Movement in Fresno. From that small initial group, Creative Fresno has moved on to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a bold, progressive board of directors who pride themselves on being creative problem solvers. In a short amount of time, the organization has had many successes:

With such a diverse membership and support base, Creative Fresno has the ability to engage in multiple arenas: arts, civic and business. We bring a fresh prospective to the table and demand that people not just talk about changing our community, but work together to make it happen.

  • Raised: $1890
  • 89 Donors
  • Goal: $2500
  •  Participating in the Mayor’s Creative Economy Council — passionate about championing and monitoring the progress of the goals set forth in the report, Making the Grass Greener: Recommendations to Retain, Attract, Develop and Support Knowledge Workers
  •  The Mural Project in Downtown Fresno
  •  Awards from the American Planning Association
  •  Livability Survey Report, Livability Priorities for the Fresno Creative Class
  •  Monthly Creative Blenders, social gatherings at a variety of Fresno locales
  •  MindHub — a listserv facilitating a community conversation for creative professionals throughout the Central Valley

We believe…

  • We need to implement the recommendations of the CEC report, because we have the ability to engage in multiple areas: arts, civics and business.
  • We need to serve and create connectedness with creative professionals and knowledge workers to retain them in our community, because the more “smarties”, the more economic vibrancy.
  • In educating our community to create an awareness of issues which need to be overcome and areas of pride, because it will change mindsets which will result in social change.
  • In our ability to collaborate because it will lead to higher quality outcomes.
  • Fresno can be the place we want it to be (vibrant, edgy, cool, fun), because it will make Fresno a home and help attract and retain creative professionals.
  • Things can change, because we will raise and broaden Fresno’s expectations of its community.
  • Knowledge workers are important, because they bring positive change by way of a diverse community.
  • Diversity benefits the greater community, because it brings exposure to new ideas and cultures.
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