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Mural Project: Fresno is nationally recognized for is outstanding murals. We have documented over 200 of these murals, and more are added all the time.


START TODAY: Volunteering is a great way to further a cause, support an organization, and make a difference in your community.


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“Creativity has come to be valued—and systems have evolved to encourage and harness it—because new technologies, new industries, new wealth and all other good economic things flow from it."
–Richard Florida, The Creative Class

Creative Fresno is about using creative thinking to create a quality sense of place. We support the role of the arts within a vibrant community and embrace innovation, creativity and action to help transform Fresno into a place where we are proud to live, work and play.

Future Looks Bright
The goals of Creative Fresno are simple. We deserve a community that we can be proud to call home. Creative Fresno will continue working toward making Fresno a place knowledge workers want to be.
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With such a diverse membership and support base, Creative Fresno has the ability to engage in multiple arenas: arts, civic and business. We bring a fresh prospective to the table and demand that people not just talk about changing our community, but work together to make it happen.


PechaKucha is a short story presentation format where you show and talk about 20 images, each for 20 seconds. Check out PechaKucha.org – you won't regret it!

Digital Mural Map

Fresno is nationally recognized for is outstanding murals. We have documented over 200 of these murals, all of which are available on the Digital Mural Map.

Fresno High Flea Market

Stop by the Creative Fresno booth at any number of public events around town. This picture is of our Faces of Fresno project at the River Park's Farmers Market.

Barista Challenge

The folks at Kuppa Joy are partnering with Creative Fresno to bring together this years Bartender Challenge! Come out for tea or specality coffee drinks with unique specialty designs!


Once a month we let our members know about upcoming events and interests.

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