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The goals of Creative Fresno are simple. We deserve a community that we can be proud to call home. Creative Fresno will continue working toward making Fresno a place knowledge workers want to be.

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Mural Map: With over 200 murals documented, Creative Fresno is committed to preserving artistic culture for future generations.

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Start Today: Volunteering is a great way to further a cause, support an organization, and make a difference in your community.

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With such a diverse membership and support base, Creative Fresno has the ability to engage in multiple arenas: arts, civic and business. We bring a fresh prospective to the table and demand that people not just talk about changing our community, but work together to make it happen.

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Creativity has come to be valued—and systems have evolved to encourage and harness it—because new technologies, new industries, new wealth and all other good economic things flow from it. –Richard Florida, The Creative Class